A court officer or attendant who has charge of a court session in the matter of keeping order, custody of the jury, and custody of prisoners while in the court. One to whom some authority, care, guardianship, or jurisdiction is delivered, committed, or intrusted. One who is deputed or appointed to take charge of another's affairs; an overseer or superintendent; a keeper, protector, or guardian; a steward. A person acting in a ministerial capacity who has by delivery the custody and administration of lands or goods for the benefit of the owner or bailor, and is liable to render an account thereof
@ bailiff-errant
A bailiffs deputy
@ bailiffs of franchises
In old English law, officers who performed the duties of sheriffs within liberties or privileged jurisdictions, in which formerly the king's writ could not be executed by the sheriff
@ bailiffs of hundreds
In old English law, officers appointed over hundreds, by the sheriffs, to collect fines therein, and summon juries; to attend the judges and justices at the assises and quarter sessions; and also to execute writs and process in the several hundreds. 1 Bl.Comm. 345
@ bailiffs of manors
In old English law, stewards or agents appointed by the lord (generally by an authority under seal) to superintend the manor, collect fines, and quit rents, inspect the buildings, order repairs, cut down trees, impound cattle trespassing, take an account of wastes, spoils, and misdemeanors in the woods and demesne lands, and do other acts for the lord's interest.
@ high bailiff
An officer formerly attached to an English county court. His duties were to attend the court when sitting; to serve summonses; and to execute orders, warrants, writs, etc. He also had similar duties under the bankruptcy jurisdiction of the county courts.
@ special bailiff
A deputy sheriff, appointed at the request of a party to a suit, for the special purpose of serving or executing some writ or process in such suit

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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